A hairstyle is something every man and woman values a lot; it is a different question if not everyone keeps a track of what is in trend, and what is not. That said, a large section of society is always on the lookout for the latest styles and trends in hair styles. Not every new hairstyle becomes a trend nowadays, as only few of them strike a chord with the masses.

There are few important factors that contribute in good hair styles; type of hair and its structure, length of hair, shape of the face, and personal preferences. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look at the fashion world for inspiration. Today, we can easily get online info on the most stylish hair styles for men and women, and that’s what many folks do.

Mentioned here are three hair styles that are fresh, and are likely to be in vogue during the forthcoming Spring 2014, as they’re to the point and don’t require you to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning.

1. Crown Braids: This is a gorgeous and always evolving updo. The style is great for either an innocent face or a refined one. With this hairstyle you would know how to stand out with any type of outfit. When you search on the Internet you can easily find many variations of this particular hairstyle and adopting one of them as your favorite can be very easy. You can find messy, folk-ish and even regal versions of this hairstyle.

2. Deep Side Parting: This hairstyle is all about how you do it. You might have to take special care while adorning this hairstyle, but the end result is worth it. With this style, you will see what difference a simple parting can make. You can go for a center parting or side parting, deep or shallow, rough or clean; there are simply so many options to choose from. New type of parting can change your look completely. For Spring2014, it is deep side parting that is likely to be in vogue.

3. Soft Waves: Ok, soft waves that have a flowing look are not something very new, yet in the coming Spring it is likely to recapture all of our imagination if worn with the right attitude. The ones who are used to carrying themselves with a different outlook and hairdo will find this hair style a very effortless and simple one.

You don’t necessarily have to get it perfect like you see in Hollywood. You can also wear this style with a center parting and a side parting for both longer and shorter hair.